My ceramics are intent on finding connections between times and places, between peoples and cultures, and in the timeless metaphors of the vessel and sculpture as the embodiment of man.

From many years of restoration of ethnographic ceramics, I have been surrounded with the essence and spirit from archaic to contemporary world cultural ceramics. My artistic production of sculptural vessels has been inspired by southwestern motifs found in pottery, weaving, basketry and petroglyphs. These earthenware vessels are finely crafted, hand coiled and burnished, painted with colored clay slips and fired in an electric kiln.

I have also been making more spontaneous stoneware sculptures intent on expressing human feelings and emotions in an abstract context. I will borrow techniques from many other crafts and apply them to building with clay, and have been experimenting with glazes, fascinated by the textures, patinas and colors that are created in the fire.

My latest work is Raku, where the pottery is removed from the hot kiln and placed in a bucket with combustible materials, creating crackle glazing and random oxidation patterns…. a play of mud and fire.

I find great pleasure in the challenge of giving the clay in my hands expressions of permanence, love, birth, growth, wonder and discovery.

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