The attraction that the Southwest had for Georgia O’Keefe – the skies, the terrain, the romance, the mystique and the people – brought me here in 2007.  Many of my New Mexico photographer friends travel half of the year to exotic destinations all around the world, but I would rather photograph the land and people that move me the most, here in the Southwest.

In my photography you will see New Mexico and other Southwest scenes through my eyes and my heart.  My tool for capturing and communicating the scenes as I see them is of course my camera. Often, nothing more is required.  But at other times this is just the starting point, and I will twist, turn, stretch, squeeze, or combine my photos before they can effectively illustrate the drama and intensity of my own personal Southwest reality.  To communicate that intensity, that reality -- that is the goal of my photographic art.

Dennis specializes in Southwestern Art photography, selling his work at galleries in Northern New Mexico. His photographic art ranges from “pure” unedited photographs to digital composites, blending several photographs into one piece. He is a student of the science of creativity, and focuses on the theories of Shelley Carson of Harvard University.

Dennis grew up in an Eastman Kodak family in Rochester, New York and had his first medium format camera (a “hand me down” from his father) when he was seven.  He worked in the Dallas Processing Lab of Kodak while he was in college, gaining a view into some of life’s most private moments as shown on uncensored 35mm Kodachrome slide film as it came off the processing line.  His father, as plant manager, developed the famous Zapruder film of the Kennedy assassination, thereby becoming linked forever with conspiracy theories.  

Dennis has been an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop since 2001 and is currently the only New Mexico photographer who is certified in both Photoshop and Lightroom.  Since moving to Corrales in 2007, he splits his time between art photography and music, playing guitar for Albuquerque singer Nanette deVall.