Diane Cutter is an artist/printmaker living in the village of Corrales. As the result of a much-traveled life, both as a child and later as a Foreign Service spouse, she has found inspiration everywhere, from the tropics and the Middle East to the American Southwest and from the mundane to the exotic.

Working in several mediums (printmaking, pastels, watercolor, oils), "recently my main concentration has been scratchboard. I love the challenge of working monochromatically, breathing life into a black board through thousands of scratches, to convey an image or idea. Because I tend to work more loosely with my woodcuts and paintings, scratchboard has brought me back to my earlier love of detailed drawing."

Cutter's work is in private collections on five continents. Numerous of her relief prints are housed in the permanent Baren collection at the Spencer Museum at the University of Kansas (Lawrence) and the Art Museum at the University of Kentucky (Lexington).