Elzbieta Kaleta

I create paper cutouts and collages engaging a broad variety of materials and techniques (paper, paint, thread, calligraphy and photography). All of that decidedly place my art in the mixed media category. My Polish childhood and education, Ph.D. in biology, research work and life in New Mexico all inspire bright fanciful art designs showing admiration and respect of nature, reminding us about importance of love, compassion, and friendship. My designs are enjoyed in several public art projects, have been published in countless books and magazines, remains in numerous collections and has been exhibited nationwide and abroad including Japan and China. Besides Corrales Bosque Gallery I show in Amapola Gallery (Old Town, Albuquerque) and I participate in local and out of state art festivals and exhibitions.

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Elzbieta says: 

Nature is an enchanting world of beauty and amazing forms, so often overlooked, harmed or worse, destroyed. For me, every day is a celebration of life. That’s probably why my favorite subject is the Tree of Life design. The message is clear and strong: celebrate, enjoy, value and save LIFE.