Professional Objective-

To continue developing new ceramic designs, methodologies with the goal of creating one of a kind unique ceramic art work.


Vizo-Canada College, Haifa, Israel, studied Graphic Design in 1984.

Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem, Israel, studied Ceramic Design under

Lydia Zavitsky, head of Ceramic Design, graduated with BFA in Ceramic Design, 1991.


Opened her studio and started working and teaching in 1994.

Displayed and sold her ceramic designs from 1995-1997 in Israel at the following galleries-

-Roach Kadim gallery, Jerusalem, Israel

-Stad Sheni gallery, Jerusalem, Israel

-Kad Al Ha-Yam gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

Came to Albuquerque, N.M, USA in 1998 and began selling her work at the following galleries-

-Bashert Gallery, Albuquerque, N.M.

-Columbine Gallery, San Ysidro, N.M.

-Corrales Bosque Gallery, Corrales, N.M.

Currently a member of Corrales Bosque Gallery and exclusively sells work from 

this gallery.

For prices and information contact: