Mel Miller

Mel Miller was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1924.  He attended Cass Technical High School where he began his training as a commercial artist.  Mel did a three-year stint in the US 9thAir Force, serving as a medic during World War II.  Whenever he was off duty he could be found doing pen and ink drawings inspired by his surroundings and wartime experiences.

After the war Mel enrolled in the Art Institute of Chicago.  There he met and married the late Arlene Seitzinger. He worked as an art director for 35 years, then retired, and moved to New Mexico with his wife.  They met a group of artists and founded the Corrales Bosque Gallery.  Mel has continued as an active member of the gallery.

Mel has developed his skills as a painter, working in acrylics and watercolor. He has been inspired by the people and landscapes from his world travels.  Mel relies heavily on formal decisions while composing his art works. At times the influence of photography can be seen in his paintings, often “snapshots” of his life experiences. Viewing Mel’s art is seeing into his life.