Membership Information

The Corrales Bosque Gallery, located twelve miles from downtown Albuquerque in the heart of the Corrales business district, is a cooperative, showing the work of over twenty artists working in fine arts and crafts. Its purpose is to promote the work of gallery members, while encouraging the development of Corrales as a cultural arts center.

The gallery is administered by an elected board with approval of major issues by the vote of the general membership. The fiscal year runs from July l through June 30 and the general election is held in May. Members are required to sign and abide by the By-Laws and Rules and Regulations. Members are also required to commit to one-year membership renewable on each anniversary show in August.

Gallery members are expected to participate both financially and physically. 

Attendance at monthly meetings and openings is required and members are asked to serve on at least one committee, tend the gallery and participate in public relations activity. We strive to keep costs at a minimum by doing as much work as possible ourselves. There are no paid positions.

GALLERY SITTING:  The Gallery is open seven days a week and closed only for major holidays and show changes. Each member is required to sit/tend the gallery 3-4 half-day shifts per month (3 1/2 hours). Scheduling is done well in advance for each month and accommodations made for members who are employed, scheduled travel, etc. but the commitment for a certain number of sittings per year must be met. A trained non-gallery sitter or another member may be hired if a trade cannot be arranged. Members are responsible for payment to a hired sitter they engage. The use of a paid sitter is not encouraged on a regular basis. One of the special qualities of an artist’s cooperative is the presence of an exhibiting artist in the gallery, which enhances our interactions with patrons.

COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS:  Each member is asked to serve on at least one committee. Members may be asked to assist on another committee at times of special need such as large mailings, improvements or show changes. All members are expected to help in some capacity in hanging at least one show a year and lend a hand as needed.

MEETINGS:  General meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 8:30-10 AM at the gallery, or more often if needed. Attendance is mandatory. The board meets on the first Tuesday of the month, or as called by the President. 

Gallery members share gallery expense equally and sign an agreement annually to support the expenses of the gallery for the coming year. A non-refundable membership fee is charged at the time of admission to the gallery and there is a monthly assessment fee used for operation of the gallery. Extra assessments are very unusual but can be made for special needs if proposed by the board and approved by the membership. The membership commitment is for one year.

The gallery charges a 20% commission on sales. A monthly statement is given to members detailing their sales activity along with the monthly payment for their sales.

MEMBERSHIP FEE:  $ 375. Due at the time of acceptance. This is a one time fee based on each member’s share of the net worth of the gallery. Extended financing may be arranged.

MONTHLY ASSESSMENT:  $80.  Due promptly by the 25th of the preceding month.

There is a security system in the gallery. Liability, theft and breakage insurance are provided by the gallery.

SPACE DESIGNATIONS: Gallery members receive an equitable portion of wall and floor space for display of their work. Spaces are not assigned, but change for each show. 

Artists are loosely grouped into two categories—those using primarily wall space and those who use floor space. Some artists use both. Currently space is estimated at approximately ten linear feet for wall and sixteen square feet for floor display. There are also bins and shelves for shrink-wrapped art and smaller items. 

Major changes in the type of work or medium shown must go through a process of approval by the board and general membership prior to display.

ADVERTISING, PUBLIC RELATIONS: There are currently four major show openings per year that receive public relations support as well as a large mailing to a targeted audience. All members benefit from group promotion of the gallery in advertising and publicity.  Members also receive support and promotion on an ongoing and informal basis by members at the gallery and in the community at large.

The gallery is composed of experienced as well as emerging artists and selection for membership is not based solely on experience.

Please feel free to contact the Gallery with any questions during normal business hours (10AM-5PM) seven days a week or speak with gallery members—especially those working in a similar medium. We encourage interested artists to visit the gallery prior to application.

We jury for new members on the second Tuesday of every month.

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